Expanding the Connections: Psychic Medium vs. Intuitive Medium

Psychic Medium Intuitive Medium

The mysterious world of psychics, mediums and animal communicators is a realm that many find intriguing. Often misunderstood, these spiritual communicators can bring deep clarity and healing to those willing to venture into the unfamiliar. As an evidential medium, psychic, and animal communicator, I find it important to demystify these roles and share their true essence with you. So, let’s dive deeper and explore the distinguishing factors between psychics, mediums and intuitive, sometimes referred to as intuitive mediums.

A psychic medium is someone who possesses both psychic and mediumship abilities. This means they can receive information from both the physical (living) and the spiritual realms. A title tossed around on the internet is also an “intuitive medium” who primarily uses their intuitive abilities to make a connection. Intuitive Mediums are not necessarily mediums but are psychic. When you call yourself a medium you are bridging the living world and the spiritual world together. As a psychic you are only focused on connecting to the person sitting across from you and tapping into their energy field, more of which will be explained below. 

Psychic Mediums: The Spiritual Emissaries

Psychic medium connecting with the spiritual realm

Mediums serve as conduits between the spiritual realm and the physical world. They harness the innate abilities we all possess, but with an enhanced perception that has been nurtured and cultivated. Psychic mediums rely on their heightened sense of intuition to pick up information from the spiritual plane, relay messages from departed loved ones, or tap into the energy of living beings. In essence the five clairs are used to connect to those deceased and relay the information back to the loved one still in the living. Such clairs used are clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance. 

The extraordinary gift of Psychic Mediums allows them to perceive the unseen energies surrounding us. Imagine a radio tuning into different frequencies to catch various stations – psychic mediums essentially do the same, but with spiritual frequencies. When a Psychic Medium adjusts their internal antennas, they can receive and interpret messages from a realm beyond our regular sensory perception.

Their abilities are not confined to human spirits either. As an animal communicator, I share this psychic medium ability to connect with both living and departed pets. This shared connection creates an avenue for the pet owner to find solace and closure, understanding that their beloved pet’s spirit continues in a different form. Or to also help a pet owner who has a pet who may be in discomfort or have some bad habits that need correcting.

Intuitive Mediums: A.K.A. Intuitive Psychics

An individual's energy field can be tap by intuitive psychics

Intuitive Mediums are not necessarily mediums, but are psychic only. Intuitive Psychics focus more on the individual seeking guidance. They tap into the individual’s energy field to understand their past, present, and potential future. This insight helps Intuitive Psychics provide guidance on personal matters, emotional challenges, or life decisions.

Rather than delivering messages from the spirit world, Intuitive Psychics unlock the wisdom already present within you. They illuminate the path, help clear the fog of confusion, and empower you to navigate life’s journey with confidence and clarity.

Everyone possesses some degree of intuition, but Intuitive Psychics have honed this innate sense into a powerful tool for guidance and insight. They help us understand our life’s patterns, our decisions, and help us chart a better course towards our desired goals. Their work is primarily about guiding us towards realizing our best selves.

The Interplay Between Psychic and Intuitive Abilities

While the roles of Psychic Mediums and Intuitive Psychics might seem separate, they often intertwine. ALL Psychic Mediums also employ intuitive abilities to better understand the context of the messages they receive from the spirit world. Conversely, Intuitive Psychics may also experience spontaneous connections with the spirit world while engaging with a person’s energy field.

Regardless of the extent of overlap, the primary distinction lies in their central focus. Psychic Mediums principally communicate with the spirit world, while Intuitive Psychics primarily connect with the energy and wisdom within the living individual.

Finding Your Connection: What to Expect in a Session

A session with either a psychic medium or an intuitive psychic can be an enlightening and transformative experience. But it’s crucial to approach it with an open heart and mind. Whether you’re seeking closure from a deceased loved one, guidance on your life journey, or a deeper understanding of your pet’s thoughts and feelings, being receptive to the experience is key.

During a session with a psychic medium, you can expect to receive messages from the spirit world. These could be from departed loved ones, spirit guides, or even beloved deceased pets. The psychic medium serves as a messenger, relaying information, and sentiments from the spiritual plane to you. Additionally, the Psychic Medium has the ability to tap in to your current energy force surrounding you and the life choices ahead for you. Basically, a Psychic Medium has the ability to connect to everything.

In contrast, a session with an Intuitive Psychic will likely focus more on you and your current life in a psychic way, there is no connection to the spirit world or deceased loved ones. The Intuitive Psychic might provide insights into your personal energies, past experiences, current situations, and potential paths forward. They act as mirrors, reflecting your inner wisdom and guiding you to make empowering decisions in your life.

In a few words…

In conclusion, Both Psychic Mediums and Intuitive Psychics offer profound insights and guidance. While they use similar abilities of heightened perception, the focus of their readings differs and how they use their clairs in making the connection is different. Psychic Mediums connect with the spirit world to relay messages, while Intuitive Psychics tap into personal energies to provide guidance and insights.

A psychic medium providing comfort and support in times of healing and grief.

Engaging with a Psychic Medium can offer a comforting connection with a deceased loved one or a deceased pet, providing closure and healing. In contrast, an Intuitive Psychic can provide guidance and clarity in one’s personal life, empowering individuals to navigate their life paths with greater confidence.

Ultimately, both roles offer significant value. They provide us with different ways of understanding ourselves, our lives, and the world around us, illuminating the path to inner growth, healing, and self-realization. Whether you’re considering a session with a Psychic Medium who can connect to your energy and the energy of your deceased loved ones or an Intuitive Psychic who connects with only your energy, remember that the experience is about deepening your understanding of yourself and your connections with others, both in the physical world and beyond.

Exploring the realm of psychic and intuitive communication can open new doorways of understanding and growth. Whether connecting with departed loved ones or your living pet, or seeking guidance on life’s challenges, remember that the journey of discovery starts with an open mind and an open heart. Let’s continue this exploration together, illuminating the path to deeper understanding, growth, and spiritual connection.

Just in Case you wonder:

What is a psychic medium?

A psychic medium is an individual who possesses the extraordinary gift of harnessing both psychic and mediumship abilities. This unique blend enables them to seamlessly receive profound insights from both the physical (living) world and the ethereal realm.

 How do psychic mediums receive messages from the spirit world?

Psychic mediums use various psychic senses, such as clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling), and more, to receive messages from spirits. They interpret symbols, images, or auditory cues from the other side to convey meaningful information.

Are psychic mediums and intuitive mediums considered spiritual advisors?

Yes, both psychic and intuitive mediums can serve as spiritual advisors. They can provide guidance, clarity, and comfort, helping individuals gain insights into their life’s journey and connecting them with departed loved ones.

How do I know if I should seek guidance from a psychic medium or an intuitive medium?

Deciding between a psychic medium and an intuitive medium largely depends on your needs and intentions. If you wish to reconnect with departed loved ones or seek closure from the spirit realm, a psychic medium would be best suited for you. On the contrary, if you seek guidance on life decisions, personal growth, or understanding your life path, an intuitive medium or psychic medium can provide valuable insights and intuitive counsel. Always remember that a psychic medium can do everything. 

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