Embark On Your Breathwork Meditation Journey

The Story of the Soul & Breath

In the beginning, there was the Soul, a luminous spark of wisdom and love. It longed to express its light and learn about human existence. The Breath emerged as the bridge between the intangible Soul and the material world, embodying the rhythm of life. The Earth became the chosen place for this union, offering a garden of diversity for the Soul to explore.
The Soul and the Breath first met in an ancient forest, where the Breath promised to give life and the Soul vowed to fill it with purpose. The Soul descended to Earth, with the Breath becoming its body, allowing it to experience the world through senses and emotions. Together, they created harmony, resonating with mountains, rivers, and stars. The Soul realized it was part of the human world, its light a guiding beacon, and that in the journey of life, one cannot exist without the other.

Let Britta guide you and your breath up a stairway to incredible insight and transformative healing, unlocking the secrets of your soul with each step

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