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Britta Grubin's Journey with Animal Communication

Meet Britta Grubin: Animal Communicator, Pet Psychic & Spiritual Connection to the Animal Kingdom

In the sun-kissed expanses of the Arizona desert, Britta’s journey with animals began. Envision a childhood haven, brimming with horses, goats, chickens, cows, dogs, and cats. Amidst this extended family of pets, Britta’s heart strings intertwined with the animal kingdom.

Britta is not just an animal lover; she is a conduit to their souls. As an evidential medium, her intuition is a bridge to the animal psyche. She is privy to their innermost thoughts, from their simplest joys to their deepest concerns. It is a dialogue of the heart, where animals divulge their secrets and dreams to her.

But Britta’s gift transcends the physical realm. She connects with pets who have journeyed beyond, sharing tales of their adventures in the afterlife. These encounters are not just communications; they are revelations, providing comfort and closure to those they have left behind.

Britta believes animals are not just companions; they are our guides, our teachers in the grand school of life. They do not just wander into our lives by chance. It is a cosmic dance, a destined meeting of souls. Your pet chose you, guided by an unseen force, bringing you together in a bond that transcends time and space.

At The Heart Of Britta’s Animal
Communication Lies A Profound Truth

Every animal is endowed with a spirit, a unique frequency that connects us all. This interconnectedness enables us to establish a resonant bond with animals, transcending physical proximity. Imagine each animal spirit as a distinct channel, like on a television, each with its own frequency yet part of the same spectrum.

Britta’s approach to animal communication is both an art and a science. By aligning with an animal’s unique vibrational frequency, she open’s a portal to their inner world.

This connection, a dance of thoughts and emotions, allows her to gain insights into the depths of their being and soul.

Whether it’s a cherished pet by your side or one that has crossed the rainbow bridge, Britta’s ability to tune in remains limitless.

How Britta Connects

Britta’s journey of connection begins with a photograph of your animal companion. This visual anchor aids in tuning her frequency to theirs, enabling a clear and focused communication channel. Through this connection, Britta delves into a shared space where thoughts and feelings intertwine, offering a deeper understanding of your pet’s inner world.

The Power of Animal Communication

Embracing animal communication can transform your relationship with your furry friends

  • Discover their needs, likes, and dislikes
  • Address behavioral and health issues with newfound understanding
  • Strengthen the bond you share
  • Communicate with pets who have passed on
  • Assist integrating newly adoptive pets
  • Prepare your pet for upcoming life changes

Animal Communication Faq

Dogs, cats and horses are the more popular fur babies but Britta has also connected with birds and bunnies too.
Britta connects the same way with your pet (living or deceased) as she does in her human psychic or mediumship sessions. We are all energy and as Britta tunes in to your pet’s energy and blends with their soul, a connection is made.
Nothing is necessary but it is helpful if you tell your pet that they will be meeting Britta soon and she is there to help them and relay information that they want shared.
Britta will share everything that your pet shares with her. If your pet shows her why they are barking at the door, she will share that with you.
Your heart and soul will know that a connection is made. Your mind will hear the evidence your pet shares in the audio recording.
Your beautiful pet is in heaven or the afterlife as some call it. They will continue their souls journey of growth alongside other pet friends and human friends alike, both in the physical plane (Earth) and in the non-physical (Heaven).

Join Britta In An Extraordinary Journey of Discovery & Connection

Where every conversation with your
pet opens new horizons of
understanding and love.

Join Britta In An Extraordinary Journey of Discovery & Connection

Where every conversation with your
pet opens new horizons of
understanding and love.
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