Britta Grubin

Evidential Medium, Psychic & Animal Communicator

A Journey of International Adventures & Personal Growth

Britta Grubin’s life is filled with diverse international and personal experiences. As a dedicated wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend, Britta has embraced a life of adventure, cultural enrichment, and self-discovery.

Britta’s international journey, driven by her husband’s career, has seen her become a supportive pillar for his professional ventures, while providing their three children with a kaleidoscope of global experiences.
From sunny California to the alps of Switzerland, Britta has relocated over seven times across four countries in less than 13 years, currently calling the historic city of London home.

Infusing Spirituality Into The Heart Of Parenting

Britta’s profound experiences with the spirit world have not only enriched her own life but also deeply influenced her family’s journey. In her spiritually-enriched household, bedtime transforms into a magical realm as Britta guides her children through mesmerizing meditative mind journeys. On school drives, conversations sparkle with talks of manifesting dreams into reality, providing her kids with an extraordinary worldview.

Britta often shares with her children the concept of spirit guides, describing them as a constant cheer team from the spiritual realm, always present to support and guide. Britta’s home resonates with awe-inspiring stories of the spirit world and reassuring teachings that death is merely a doorway to another existence. Her life is a testament to the power of spiritual connection, making everyday an adventure beyond the physical realm.

Britta’s unique approach to parenting is infused with spiritual wisdom, creating an environment where her children grow up with a deep understanding of life’s mysteries and the unseen energies that surround us. She seamlessly blends the mystical with the mundane, ensuring that her family remains grounded yet open to the infinite possibilities of the universe. By example, Britta demonstrates how living a spiritually conscious life can lead to profound joy, peace, and an unshakeable connection with the greater cosmos.

“Parenting with spirituality is not just guiding your children through life, but also illuminating a path where their souls can dance in the light of wisdom & love.”

Professional Excellence in Spiritual Practices

Britta Grubin stands out as a gifted evidential medium, spiritual teacher, psychic, and animal communicator. Immersing herself in spiritual development for over two decades, she has been personally mentored by luminaries such as Suzanne Giesemann and the late Mavis Pittilla. Under their guidance, Britta has mastered the art of providing verifiable evidential mediumship, a cornerstone of authenticity in her practice. This approach offers Britta’s clients undeniable proof of genuine, integrity-filled connections that deliver messages rooted in reality.

Britta is driven by the conviction that the afterlife, heaven, intermingles with our everyday world. She firmly believes the eternal bond of love transcends the physical realm, demonstrating to her clients that connections with family and friends continues beyond life on earth. This belief provides solace and healing in times of loss and grief.

“Your loved ones in the afterlife are with you every day, watching over you, still very much a part of your life – and they want to connect with you!”

Engagement and Contributions to the Community

As a proactive community member, Britta continually seeks ways to enrich her spiritual skill set and impart this knowledge to her children. She is a tested and certified medium with Helping Parents Heal and Mark Ireland’s Certified Mediums.

All organizations dedicated to supporting those in grief work to raise awareness of evidential mediumship through better understanding that love never dies. Britta’s unique professional profile blends her spiritual insights with a solid academic foundation, including a BS in Business Administration from the University of Arizona.

Her expertise is further enriched by certifications as a Grief Support Specialist from the University of Wisconsin and an End of Life Doula from the University of Vermont, complemented by substantial experience in the corporate sector

“My life’s path is not about changing anyone’s belief system. I am merely a facilitator in helping you connect with your true essence, your spiritual guides, your soul family, and even your pets. Whether you seek peace of mind, a spark of life inspiration, or simply new perspectives, I look forward to connecting with you soon. Let’s explore the paths of spiritual understanding and personal growth together!”

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