Soul Whiskers and Spirit Tails: Bridging Worlds through Animal Communication

Embarking on the mystical journey of communicating with animals, particularly those who have crossed over, is a profound and enlightening experience. As an experienced evidential psychic medium and animal communicator, my path to discovering this unique ability was filled with intriguing signs and realizations. From my childhood, where I intuitively sensed events before they occurred, to my later realization of my connection with the animal kingdom, my journey marked by a keen intuition that often-revealed things before they happened.
However, it was not until a decade ago that I realized my unique ability to communicate with deceased animals. This revelation came during mediumship sessions, where animals like dogs, cats, and horses would appear alongside human spirits. This gift allows me to connect with pets in the afterlife, revealing their thoughts, feelings, and even their experiences in the spiritual realm. It’s a journey that highlights the intelligence and depth of the animal world and the unbreakable bonds we share with our animal companions.
Over two years, I honed my animal communication skills with family pets and farm animals. This practice helped me understand the profound intelligence of the animal kingdom. By raising my vibration and tuning into the pet’s soul at a higher frequency, communication became seamless, primarily through clairvoyance and clairaudience. The pets would verbally communicate and show vivid images, including details about their toys, sleeping spots, and even insights into their human companions’ lives. Pets would also show me when a light bulb on the front porch was out or some other house maintenance project.

What happening during psychic animal communication?

Remarkably, pets in the afterlife often reveal their unique “pet heaven,” sharing experiences and friendships with different species. For instance, a deceased horse once introduced me to its butterfly friend, a relationship that had roots in the horse’s earthly life. Such interactions showcase the unexpected and heartwarming connections animals forge beyond life.

animal communication

These sessions not only provide comfort but also evidence of the pet’s ongoing presence and personality. Each session is a unique journey, revealing the endless love and bonds that transcend our physical world, offering both closure and a deeper understanding of the eternal nature of these cherished relationships.
Our pets are unconditional love both in the physical and nonphysical. Our pets will continue to walk along our side after their earthly life has concluded. When we cross over, we will have a reunion with all of our pets that we had throughout our lives, not just the recent ones that filled our home and our hearts.
My role as an animal communicator and psychic medium transcends mere conversations with deceased pets. It’s about building bridges between worlds, providing a comforting presence for those grieving the loss of their beloved animal companions. These unique sessions are not just about communication; they are an affirmation of the enduring bonds of love and friendship.

They offer a glimpse into the pets’ continued journey in the afterlife, allowing us to understand that our connections with them are not lost but transformed. As we navigate the emotional landscapes of loss and remembrance, these communications serve as a powerful testament to the profound and lasting impact our pets have on our lives, offering solace, closure, and a sense of continuing companionship.

Through this journey, we not only find peace in the knowledge of their well-being but also gain deeper insights into the spiritual interconnectedness of all beings.

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June 4, 2024
Animal communication takes on many forms and names. I have been called an animal communicator, pet psychic, animal psychic. All three names are one in the same. I am not an animal trainer, that is not a skill set that I have. But sometimes I am called a human trainer for the animals. Your pet will show you in a pet psychic session how to best help them, train them and love on them. Our pets are unconditional love and they want nothing more than to live a life of happiness and love with you and through you....
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