Everything you need to know about a pet psychic

Animal communication takes on many forms and names. I have been called an animal communicator, pet psychic, animal psychic. All three names are one in the same. I am not an animal trainer, that is not a skill set that I have. But sometimes I am called a human trainer for the animals. Your pet will show you in a pet psychic session how to best help them, train them and love on them. Our pets are unconditional love and they want nothing more than to live a life of happiness and love with you and through you.

I have connected to thousands of pet owners worldwide who have heard first-hand what their pet is thinking. I tune into the soul and energy of your pet, and share with you information about their likes, dislikes, emotions, and favorite things to do and eat. This special connection can be incredibly liberating for pet owners. By blending my soul with your pet’s soul, as a pet psychic, I can communicate directly with your animal, capturing their messages of love for you with validating evidence. Through this process, the bond between you and your pet can strengthen, bringing new understanding and harmony into your relationship and a happier and thriving pet and pet family.

What does a pet psychic do?

As a pet psychic, I tune in to the soul and energy of your beloved pet and share with you information that pertains to your pet. This could be in the form of how your pet is thinking and feeling. An animal psychic session can be very liberating for the pet own because you have the unique opportunity to hear first-hand what your pet is thinking and feeling.

The animal kingdom is incredibly intelligent and when I blend my soul with your pet’s soul, they just start talking to me. I will share with you anything that they are sharing with me. I record what your pet is saying in an audio recording for you.

How does a pet psychic session work?

Every animal communicator works differently, and I am sharing with you what works for me. All I need is a photo of your pet, with your pet only in the picture. I do not what a picture of you. You might ask why this is and it is really two reasons mainly; one I do not want to get any preconceived notions about the pet owner from the looks of the photo and secondly, I only want to tune in to the energy of the pet; not your energy. This is why it is best that are not part of the pet photo sent to me. Once I have the photo of your pet, it is also helpful to know the pet’s name. This is helpful because when I tune in to your pet, I will call them by name in my mind’s eye.

How does a pet psychic speak to my pet?

While we as humans have a language that can be heard human to human, my language with your pet cannot be heard outside of my third eye. I am basically raising my vibration to tap into a universal frequency of soul-to-soul connection. Your pet’s soul is limitless and when I tune in to their soul, they will share anything and everything about their life. I have strong clairaudience and clairvoyance and your pet will tell me things very specifically about their life. The pets will also show images to me of how they live, what they want to change.

Why would my pet want to speak to you?

When I raise my vibration and connect with your pet’s soul, I am sending an abundance of love to them. Love is the highest vibration, and the pets like to share with me how they are feeling. I have become well known in the animal kingdom as a pet psychic who shares everything with the pet owner. I do not interpret the information; I am just the channel that the information from your pet’s soul passes through to you. You can think of me as like a telephone operator.

How do I know if a pet psychic is real?

The animal kingdom knows that I need to share with the pet owner information that only the pet owner would know and could not be searched online. I have connected to thousands of pets and many will share things with me that are currently going on in your life, your home, with your family. Sometimes the information the pet shares is so specific that they will take me inside your home and show me where they sleep, what light fixture is bothering them or how the kitchen is set up and where their food bowls are placed. The evidence is astounding, and the intelligence of the animal kingdom is profound. I would also encourage you to search for a pet psychic that is certified. I am a certified psychic medium who has gone through multiple double-blind testing and passed.

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