What are spirit guides and how do I know who my spirit guides are?

We all have spirit guides, regardless of your religion or whether or not you feel them on a regular basis. They are our biggest cheerleaders in life.

Your spirit guides are with you from the moment you are born until the moment you cross over. Your spirit guides are your guides and your guides alone. You do not share the same spirit guides with anyone else.

What are spirit guides?

Some spirit guides have lived a human experience, and some have not. You always have more than one spirit guide that walks this earthly journey with you. It is quite typical to have anywhere from two to four spirit guides walking the path of life with you.

Did you know that before you were birthed and started your human experience in this lifetime that you made an agreement with your spirit guides? Absolutely! Your spirit guides devote all their “time” as we understand it in the physical form to guiding you, protecting you, inspiring you and most importantly, loving you.

Are my deceased loved ones my spirit guides?

Your loved ones that have crossed over into the afterlife are very much around you and guiding you throughout your lifetime.

However, they, too, have the job of continuing to grow and learn in the afterlife. You can think of them as a family guide but they are not your spirit guide. Your deceased loved ones continue past this earthly experience into the afterlife where they continue to grow and develop their soul.

How do I know who my spirit guides are?

This question is asked quite often and the best answer is to turn within yourself. Your soul holds all the answers.

It took many years for me to understand who my guides were, but I always knew they were around. I felt the presence of my spirit guides for many years before I had any visualization of who they were or what they looked like. As you build your connection, you can ask your guides for signs to confirm who you think they are. Perhaps a dream will take place or you will see a sign in the days following your request. Surrender to what you are shown and trust that these signs, thoughts or visualizations are meant for you.

How do I connect with my spirit guides?

The first step is to make an active intention of wanting to connect with your spirit guides. Make it known to your team of guides that you want to connect and know more about who they are.

Many people think we can only connect with our spirit guides through meditation. While this is a great way to connect with your spirit guides, it is not the only way to connect.

Growing up as a young child and well into my adult life, I had an inner knowing that I had spirit guides around me. I never saw them, but I would talk to them. For many years, I never heard back from these guides, but I knew they heard me. I knew they were listening to me. I knew this because things would happen in my life; things would fall into place that I had asked them for assistance with.

Sometimes we have difficulty quieting our mind during meditation. If meditation is not working for you, try something different. Talk a walk, go for a swim or bike ride. During these moments of solitude, your soul will rise up and you will feel the connection with your guides.

Timing is everything and nothing

We are all acutely aware of the rush of society around us. We have instant gratification on all levels from buying groceries, ordering take out, watching a television show without commercials and calling a friend the minute we think of something to share. Take a breath!

Your connection with your guides is a process and one that cannot be rushed for instant gratification. When we immerse ourselves into our own spirituality and seek to build a relationship with our guides, it will unfold at the exact moment and in the exact way it is mean to. Relationships take time and are a journey; your relationship with your spirit guides is no different.

Can a Medium help me connect with my spirit guides?

My answer to this question used to be no. However, in the last two years, I’ve had experiences in readings where the intention to connect to someone’s guide was set by my sitter and the evidence showed itself.

As an evidential medium, there must be solid, verifiable information shared to substantiate such a request. I would encourage you to work through your own process and journey of self-discovery before you seek out a medium to tell you who your guides are. It is also my belief that your guides can manifest into anything you want them to be. They hold no gender or specific traits, but in the human understanding of who they are, we might see or feel them to be of one specific gender or ancestry.

Follow these steps to making a connection with your spirit guides:
1.     Breathe.
Trust, know and accept that this is a process that will not give you immediate results. There is no Instacart for picking up or purchasing a spirit guide. Take deep breathes. Trust that you are in the exact place you are supposed to be at this moment in life. It does not matter if you are twenty or sixty and looking to make a connection with your spirit guides. Breathe.
2.     Set the intention
Actively set the intention for how you would like to know more about your spiritual guides. Maybe your intention is to gain a visualization of who they are. Maybe you want to hear from them or receive a sign. One of the best ways is to write out the intention or think of it often. You have now set the energy in motion to help YOU make the connection that you are looking for.
3.     Start a journal
Often we think we will remember every little detail, sign or thought about something so important as meeting our spirit guides. However, many times you might be in a slightly altered state and not even realize you are, so writing down impressions, thoughts, and feelings are very helpful in your discovery. After a meditation, the thoughts and visions are more clear so write them out. As you go about your day, your clarity on what you experienced may have escaped you, which is totally normal. Why? Because you were in a slightly altered state of consciousness.
4.     Keep an open heart and an open mind.
It is easy to want to rush this process, but spiritually speaking it is not best to do so. Everything takes time and your journey is unique to you and your relationship with your guides. They are very excited to build this connection with you. When your heart is open, you will begin to see signs in the most unlikely of places to build your connection with your guides.
5.     Talk, Talk, Talk
It is imperative that you talk to your guides as much as your heart desires. You do not have to verbalize outload speaking to them but when you are on your own in the shower, driving to work, running in the neighborhood, start a conversation. It is ok and quite normal if you do not hear back from your guides right away. However, you will likely hear back from them in the form of signs that you experience in the coming days.
6.     Trust
Trust can be the most difficult step in the journey of self-discovery and reflection. Your spirit guides have been with you since your first breath and have quietly walked alongside you through your life’s happiest and worst times. So much of what we feel and see cannot be perceived with our hands or eyes. It is quite normal and very human of you to feel challenged when it comes to trusting from within. You can do this; just trust the process and watch the relationship with your spirit guides unfold.

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