How do Mediumship Readings Work Exactly?

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We are all energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Imagine an enclosed, sterile room. Imagine that a cat is brought into that room, walks through it and leaves. Next, a person who is allergic to cats is brought into that same sterile room the cat just walked through; what do you think will happen? The person will sneeze, cough, have watery eyes, all signs of an allergic reaction. This is because the cat’s energy has been left behind even though the cat no longer occupies the room.

Energy & Spirit

When humans die, our physical bodies will eventually cease to exist, but our energy does not. How often do you get chills, goosebumps or feel a sense of knowing? All of these are signs of energy coming into contact with your auric field.

When your loved one dies, their energy vibrates at a much higher and faster rate than we do as humans in the physical world. So in a mediumship reading, your deceased loved ones need to lower their vibrational energy while it is my job as a medium job to raise the vibration of both my energy and yours, in order to meet your loved one in the middle. Hence the word “medium” in mediumship.

Using Energy to Read & Connect

A medium can connect to your loved ones in spirit with you through a session over the phone, Zoom, or in person. It does not matter when you are in the world, the connection can be made from an authentic medium.
A session with a medium is often called a “reading”. It is called a reading because during this time, the medium is “reading” all of their senses in order to speak to you about your loved one in spirit. The medium’s senses include all of the Clairs: Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairgustance and Clairalience. A medium may not use all of these Clairs in a session with you. The most common ones are Clairvoyance (clear seeing) and Clairsentience (clear feeling).
As a medium, I am strong in in many of the Clairs except Clairgustance which means “clear tasting”. I rarely taste anything during my readings but that could always change in the future!

Different clairs are used throughout the reading and a Medium does not have control over which clairs they use. Your loved ones in spirit have likely been watching the medium work for many weeks before your session. This is true even if you booked a last-minute session! I always find it interesting when a sitter shares how they found me. It might feel random, but there is never any randomness in the world of mediumship.

Simple steps for seeking out a mediumship reading:

1.     Set the intention of wanting to make a connection and asking your loved one to guide you to the right medium.
2.     After you have booked your appointment, invite your loved one to join you at the appointment time and day.
3.     Set the intention of making a beautiful, heartfelt connection.
4.     Find a quiet space in your home, free of barking dogs, doorbells, or other distractions.
5.     Sit back with an open heart and enjoy your connection with your loved one in spirit in your session.

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