How do I select the right medium or psychic for me?

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There are thousands of psychics, psychic-mediums, mediums, angel readers, and tarot readers – the sheer number available can make anyone’s head spin! Your soul will guide you to the right person for you to make the connection that you are looking for.

Evidential Mediumship

Mediumship is not an exact science. However, evidence should always show itself in a session. Sure, it is great to hear how much our loved one’s love us, but show me the evidence.

You want to know how your loved one in spirit is all around you. You want to know what they are doing in the afterlife. You want to know that they are at peace.

Evidential mediumship is the crème de la crème of mediumship. If you find an evidential medium, they will most likely use little to no external tools except their main Clairs – Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, and Clairvoyance.

What kinds of tools can be used in a reading?

Some psychics and mediums use tools in their readings such as tarot cards, pendulums, numerology, runes, crystals and oracle cards.

Tools can be a great resource for an intuitive to gain insight into your soul and help convey a story or message. There are some amazing mediums I have crossed paths with that use tarot cards. Each psychic medium is unique and you need to decide what feels best for you and right in your soul.

Personally as an evidential psychic medium, I do not work with any tools, but that does not make me any better or any less than another medium; it is just how I work with spirit.

What should I look for when trying to find a medium or psychic?

I recommend that you look at multiple psychic medium websites before making a decision. This will ensure that you get to know the different mediums out there and what they offer. Be sure to look at their reviews, whether on their social media pages, their website, or a Google business page. If you have any personal referrals from friends who might have had a great experience with a psychic medium, that can be a great way to find a psychic medium also.

You will likely feel a connection with one or two different mediums that you come across as you search online. I would then look at the medium’s availability, how they connect with you (telephone, Zoom or in-person) and cost.

Sometimes we want to connect with a psychic medium immediately and that is not always a possibility. Trust that you are led to the right psychic medium at the right time. Trust that your loved ones in spirit have had an upper hand in orchestrating which psychic medium you connect with.

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