Embracing A New Furry Friend: Adoption and the Role of a Pet Psychic

Adding a new pet to your household through pet adoption is a heartwarming experience, but it can also be filled with uncertainties. Like us, our pets have unique personalities and ways of seeing the world. They have their own set of preferences, fears, and quirks that may not be immediately apparent to us. In this post, we’ll explore how adoption opens a new world of love, learning, and how an animal communicator or pet psychic can help navigate this journey, making it smoother and more joyful for both you and your new furry friend.

Pet Adoption & Animal Communicators

Adopting a pet is a powerful act of love. You are welcoming a new member into your family, offering them a sanctuary, a second chance at happiness. This period is filled with excitement, anticipation, and, sometimes, a touch of anxiety. After all, you are about to form a relationship with a sentient being who may have had experiences that you may not fully comprehend initially. This is where the role of an animal communicator or pet psychic becomes incredibly valuable.

An animal communicator, like myself, acts as a bridge between you and your newly adopted pet. We use our heightened intuition and psychic abilities to connect with the animal’s energy, interpreting their emotions, thoughts, and needs. Think of it like a translator for your pet’s feelings, allowing for a more profound understanding and connection. Animal communicators can discern past traumas, fears, or anxieties your pet may be carrying from previous experiences. By sharing this information, we provide valuable insights that can guide you on how to make your pet’s transition into your home more comfortable and stress-free.

It’s important to remember that animals, much like us, require time to adjust to new environments, new faces, and new routines. They may need their space, or they might need extra love and assurance. They could have unique dietary requirements, or certain sounds or situations might spook them. By engaging an animal communicator, you’ll be better equipped to understand these needs, paving the way for a beautiful and harmonious relationship with your new furry friend.

As a pet psychic and evidential medium, evidence must be shown in a session to prove validity. Many might be thinking, how is it possible to prove the history of my adopted dog or cat? Anything and everything is possible when the pet psychic raises their vibration to have your pet tell me their story. Where did they come from? What was their previous home like? Is there anything they did not like before joining your family?

These are just some of the questions that as a pet psychic I discuss with your dog or cat. Then the evidence to show the connection can be anything and everything from identifiable personality traits that you see currently in your pet to your pet telling me something going on in your life that a pet psychic couldn’t possibly know otherwise.

The Story of Ruger the Dog

Ruger’s mom set up a session with myself, a pet psychic. She wanted to know if Ruger would show me his history on where he came from before he was adopted. Half way through the pet psychic session, Ruger began to show me that he had to search for food and was very hungry. As I began to peel back the layers of Ruger’s experience with his previous family, it was disheartening to say the least.

Ruger showed me clairvoyantly that he was sitting at the front of a long driveway near his family’s home and watched them get into their car and pull back and away from him. No one told Ruger that they were not going to return. No one told Ruger that he would have to start finding his own food or even look for a new family. He was just abandoned. It was after a few days of staying in the driveway that Ruger realized he needed to find food and began eating scraps from trash bags behind business buildings.

The imagery Ruger the dog shared was riveting and captivating but I had to ask Ruger to show me something recent about his new mom that would prove the connection to Ruger was happening in the session. Ruger showed me a butterfly on his mom’s pointer finger. He kept telling me repeatedly about this butterfly on his mom’s finger and was adamant about this. In my mind’s eye I saw a butterfly literally sitting on a woman’s outstretched finger. I sent off the recording of my session with Ruger to his mom. I was stunned to hear back the story of the butterfly…

Ruger’s mom often holds a laser pointer in her pointer finger, and what comes out of the laser is a butterfly image! Absolutely amazing! I was stunned at the evidence. You might be asking yourself, why did I not see a laser pointer in the mom’s hand instead? This is because I have never heard of a butterfly laser pointer before. In mediumship, I can only be shown an experience, imagery, word, etc. that I have experienced in my own lifetime.

Because I did not know that butterfly laser pointers existed, Ruger did the next best thing and showed me a butterfly on his mom’s pointer finger. The mom knew exactly what Ruger was talking about when she heard the recording. This piece of evidence helps validate the story of Ruger and what his pet life was like before his new family.

Benefits of Using a Pet Psychic for Adoption

Adopting a pet is more than just adding a new member to your family; it’s a lifelong commitment of love, care, and understanding. It’s about building a deep, emotional bond that enriches both your lives in immeasurable ways. The journey might be challenging at times, but it’s incredibly rewarding and heartening. Engaging the assistance of an animal communicator or pet psychic can prove instrumental in this journey, creating an invaluable link between you and your new pet, enhancing your mutual understanding and connection.

Remember, every pet comes with a unique story, and by adopting, you’re offering a loving chapter to that story. Your home becomes their safe haven, your family their comfort. In return, they enrich our lives with unconditional love and companionship. The role of pet psychic is to ensure this transition is seamless, supportive, and filled with mutual respect and understanding. With their guidance, you can navigate any initial hurdles, foster a strong bond, and ultimately revel in the joy that comes with sharing your life with a loving animal companion. Adopting a pet is indeed a beautiful journey, a journey made even more rewarding with the insights and support of an animal communicator.

If you are interested in hearing about your adopted pet’s experiences before coming into your home, please reach out and schedule a session today!

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