Am I Psychic? | How To Awaken Your Abilities

You may be wondering, am I psychic? Can anyone become a psychic? Yes, you are psychic! We are all psychic but to different degrees and levels.

Intuition is the gateway to your psychic sense. Within each of us, we have a high level of intuition that is truly an innate trait we are all born with. I like to call intuition our “internal compass” that every single one of us holds from within.

Our intuition gives us feelings or a “hunch” when something does not seem right. Some people refer to this notion of a feeling as a gut feeling that directs us to change our mind on something.

As we develop our intuition over time, it naturally flows into our psychic awareness. When we tune in psychically, visualize an antenna outward and projecting on others. The psychic ability is one that has been nurtured over time with a focused intent.

Can Anyone Become A Psychic?

Millions of people live their lives on autopilot and never fully realize that they have unique psychic abilities. They may not trust the information they are receiving and push it off to a “lucky guess” or “coincidence”.

Let me tell you – there are NO coincidences in life. Everything is divinely timed, such as now; you are meant to read this article to help build your psychic ability. You are psychic! Everyone is born psychic and has the ability to tap into innate spiritual gifts and psychic power.

Life Events Triggering Psychic Awareness

I have a memory from five years ago when I was stopped at an intersection and and the the light was red. I decided to turn in to fill up my gas tank at the corner station. While I was filling up my gas tank, I witnessed the sounds of a terrible car accident that happened a few minutes later further up the road on the path I was set to continue driving on. My psychic sense told me to pull off and fill up with gas unexpectedly.

At the time I did not realize it was my psychic sense but in time I realized that I was meant to pull off the road to avoid a potential collision.

Have you ever walked into a room and could immediately feel the intense energy and mood level? That is psychic awareness. That is your psychic ability. When I was in college at a weekend party, I did not feel good, it was like a headache came upon me rather quickly.

I left the party and when my roommates came home later that night, they told me that the police had shown up. Turns out the backyard the party was in was actually of a vacant home and everyone was cited for trespassing.

Have you ever felt something in the pit of your stomach telling you not to do a pre-planned activity? That is your intuition rising.

Psychic awareness is when we can expand our awareness outside our energy field and on to the field of energy surrounding us or even an energy field one thousand miles away. Yes, you can tune in to energy fields all over the world.

This is because all energy fields are interconnected. Envision a sheet of graph paper laid out on top of a globe. Every line, every point is connected by some pathway to the next. There is a route moving from one square on the globe to another by following the interconnected lines.

Limiting Beliefs That Hold Us Back From Our Psychic Abilities

For many, when we hear the word “psychic” we envision a neon store front sign, 1-800 numbers and crystal balls. From a young age we are often taught that these services are scams, and if someone had a psychic “gift” then they were likely a fraud or scam artist.

This is one reason why many people do not go into this line of work; they don’t want to be associated with the idea of fraud or scams, even though there are actually thousands of legitimate psychics.

It is also common to hear from people that they thought being psychic was something you have to be born with and therefore only ‘the chosen’ have this gift. But everyone has the gift of psychic ability and psychic power within themselves.

The first step to tuning in to our psychic ability is to drop these deceptive ideas. Psychics simply tune in to intuition beyond the boundaries of our physical world, which is a real ability available to anyone.

Psychic Communication and How Mediums Express What They are Sensing 

So what is all this talk about energy fields and how do you know if you have the psychic ability to tap in to them?

We all vibrate at a frequency of energy that resonates around us. When you tap into someone psychically, it’s quite simple; all you are doing is tapping into their energy field.

The challenge comes in trusting the information that you are receiving and knowing what to do with that information. The importance is to nurture our psychic ability and power from within in order to allow you to tune in to other psychic awareness outside of your own sphere and into the lives of others.

Professional psychic mediums do exactly this. They have a very fast ability to tap into your energy field and sense what has happened in the past around you and see what is coming for you in the future. Psychic Mediums have put in the work to better their psychic gifts and understand the feelings that they receive.

The term ‘psychic’ may immediately cause someone to stereotype you. Many people think that crystal balls, tarot cards and brooms are needed for psychic communication. But the exact opposite is in fact true!

No tools are required to tap into your psychic ability for your own self or others. Patience and trust from within is all that is needed.  The strongest of psychic abilities are often found in the most level-headed, normal people walking around, people whom you never would have guessed have this ability.

Psychic Abilities – What are they?

The first step in understanding if you are psychic is to understand how psychic abilities work and how the information is received in the body.

Our sixth sense, which is also called extrasensory perception, is how we collect information without using our typical five sense of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing, which are all rooted in the physical world.

Clairvoyance is one of the major extrasensory abilities and means clear seeing.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see visions and events. All this ‘seeing’ is happening in your mind’s eye, which some call their third eye.

It is quite common for someone to confuse their clairvoyant abilities with imagination, or feel like their mind just wandered around and came up with a vision on its own. You might see repetitive images in your mind that you think you have ‘made up’, but set that notion aside; it is common to get these repetitive images to catch our attention about tuning in to our psychic power.

Claircognizance is the extrasensory or intuitive ability of clear knowing. You will just know something even though you have no way to rationally explain how you know this information.

This can also come by way of a “hunch” or “gut feeling” that builds inside you. People that have strong claircognizance typically enjoy thinking things out, and frequently experience ideas popping into their head. They can ask a rhetorical question in their mind and immediately get an answer that they just know is right.

Clairsentience is the extrasensory ability of clear feeling. This is one of the most important abilities to have as a psychic.

Your ability to have strong, intense feelings that surround different situations and people is clairsentience. You can easily walk into a room and tap into the energy that is surrounding you. That tapping in is the clear feeling you perceive from the energy fields around you.

Clairaudience is the extrasensory ability of clear hearing. You hear things outside of your typical sensory channels.

Clairaudience allows for communication via hearing and receiving messages. This is not a typical clair that you would have in a psychic sense, however, this clair is often used when connecting with your spiritual guides.

Signs That You Are Psychic

There are no specific or hard rules on what is required to be psychic. However, there are some signs that will likely mean you have the psychic gift and could develop it into something more.

Déjà vu
Do you often feel this sense of knowing but cannot describe how you know something? Déjà vu can give us a feeling about a specific place or experience that we have walked into or visited and just felt that we have experienced it before.

Do you tend to daydream a lot? Do you have wandering ideas and thoughts? Do you have the ability to visualize yourself in such a way that you almost start to believe it could happen? These visuals of yourself arrive with such clarity that you might feel like you are replaying a movie in your mind.

Enjoying Puzzles
Do you like to figure out puzzles and help people work out their problems? Are you quick to come up with solutions when others are still trying to assess what to do? Do you see how things just fit together in your mind easily for you? You may often see how things just fit together so easily in your mind, which is often the case for psychics.

Beautiful things
Are you drawn to beautiful things in nature, your everyday life and art? Do you often stop and take in all the beauty that surrounds you? Many clairvoyants appreciate the beauty in life and can almost be entranced by it. Think about your reaction the last time you walked into a beautiful garden of nicely manicured topiaries and flowers.

Are you good at making decisions? Is working out logistics something you enjoy? Do you find yourself more of an analytical thinker? You may find that you have excellent memory recall which helps aid in your decision making.

Do you typically interrupt people because ideas just come to you and you are excited to share them? Do you feel like you already know the end of the story before someone has finished speaking? Were you the first to raise your hand in class, always anxious to answer the questions before everyone else? Perhaps your mind begins to wander as a story is being told because you already know the answer.

Go-To Friend
You are likely the go-to person for many of your friends and family who want to ask you questions when they are seeking answers and advice. You are great at assessing and judging the character of someone beneath the surface. You just know the answer, because you are tapping into their energy field and may not even realize it.

Goosebump Feelings
Do you often feel goosebumps or truth chills when you hear a story on the news or a story being told to you? Do you feel truth chills in the most unexpected places and times? Do you feel these truth chills before the story is even finished being told to you? This feeling of goosebumps and truth chills is clairsentience; you re perceiving in your body when you are tapping into that energy field.

Energy Buzz
Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with intense feelings when you walk into a crowded space such as a bustling coffee shop or farmer’s market? Do you feel drained and exhausted after attending a loud music concert with thousands of people? Or maybe you avoid the large crowds at musical events and fairs all together. This sense of energy in varying intensities is the clear feeling sensitivity that you have.

Empathy & Master of Compassion
Do you find that you are empathetic to almost every story you hear? Do you find that you can sense what it would be like to walk in the shoes of that victim in the headlines? After a major new story breaks, do you find yourself thinking a lot about the victims and what they must be going through? Feeling intense compassion for victims and their families is a strong sign you may be psychic.

Read Between the Lines
Are you often able to sense what is going on between the lines? Can you sense the energy of your partner or spouse even though they are not sharing their feelings with you? All your life, you have had an awareness to the underlying tone of someone’s actions.

If any of this feels similar to you, then you are likely strong in clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairsentience! Visualizing, feeling and knowing are key indicators that you have a strong psychic ability.

How to Tap In And Awaken Your Psychic Abilities

Fundamentally, the ability to process sensory data is defined by psychic abilities and skills. This sensory data is something that is both tangible and intangible. 

Psychic abilities grow stronger with patience and nurturing. Learning how to sharpen psychic abilities takes commitment, but it is possible. We all have some varying level of psychic awareness, but there are exercises you can do to increase your psychic abilities. You are psychic. Trust the process of unfoldment.

Keep Your Body Healthy
When it comes to spiritual energy like psychic energy, our body is like a temple. What does not serve us well should be eliminated from our daily eating habits. Processed foods do not make us feel great, so why eat them?

Incorporating exercise will leave you feeling more in tune with your everyday psychic skills daily. Exercise is also important so that we do not feel bloated and heavy. Stretching when we wake-up every morning is also helpful to our body.

Mindful Meditation Practice
Sitting in the space of stillness to quiet the mind will serve many purposes beyond your psychic abilities. If you do not already sit in stillness, try it out.

When we allow our mind to calm down, our brain enters the Theta Awareness Stage. In theta, we leave our physical awareness.

One of the fastest ways to sharpen your psychic abilities is to nurture your relationship with your subconscious mind.  In meditation we have the ability to tap into messages from the universe.

Create a Comfortable Environment
It will be difficult to increase your intuition and psychic ability when we meditate if we do not have a comfortable space to be in. Clutter, junk, trash and messiness do not serve us well.

Take some time to minimize your belongings and prepare your space where you meditate. Decorate the space with things that bring you joy and uplift, such as natural indoor plants, crystals and pictures of those you love.

It is helpful to keep a journal of your journey with your psychic abilities. After meditation, writing down what you felt, what you learned and how difficult it was to sit in the stillness will help you progress immensely over time.

When we reach the theta state, we do not remember a lot of what transpired in that meditation session after a few hours. Writing down and collecting these moments in written word soon after we are finished with a meditation is important for development.

Energy Healing
Self-care as we strengthen our psychic abilities is important. Energy healing is offered in a variety of ways, shapes, and forms. The goal is to move any stagnant energy or energy blocks out.

When we clear these blocks, the energy will flow freely through us to harness our psychic ability and psychic power. Some examples of energy healing are Reiki, acupuncture, crystal chakra lights, sound bath meditation and yoga.

Remove Negative Energy
It is important to let go of negative energy or thoughts that surround you currently and in the past. It is important to make peace with the people around you and let go of any grudges you may feel towards them. Otherwise, this can really hold you back in your own spiritual development of your psychic powers.

Sometimes feeling forgiveness in a situation can be challenging, so turn that thought into “making peace” with a particular individual or situation. You might need to say out loud or in your mind, “I do not resonate with their energy and holding on to the memory of that event or feelings towards others serves no higher purpose for myself.”

Conscious Awareness
Begin to practice conscious awareness. When you have a rush of feelings that come over you, where are they coming from? Did you just step into a field of buzzing energy?

If the feelings are overwhelming, begin to create techniques to let that momentary intensity drift off. When we become consciously aware of not just the feelings but where they are sourced from, we can rise above them and know that they are not necessarily personal feelings.

Speak to an Experienced Psychic or Take a Class
If there are challenges you are having with fulling tapping into your psychic skills, look to an experienced psychic like Medium Britta to get a psychic reading. A psychic session may be able to help provide clarity on what is holding you back.

You DO Have the Gift of Psychic Abilities

Being psychic is not about whether or not you are born with the gift or what tools you’re using. It’s about trusting that your psychic abilities are already within you, and that you just need to nurture and develop them.

And trust that the tips shared above on developing them will give you a greater depth and understanding to your own abilities and psychic power. Sign up for a session with Britta to dive deeper into your developing abilities.

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