When Love Transcends,
Souls Unite

When Love Transcends,
Souls Unite

Britta Grubin

Evidential Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator

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Welcome Soul Friends

Heaven is all around and not in some far-off place. Your loved ones in Heaven and the After Life offer their presence in subtle yet profound ways. As a Trusted Evidential Psychic Medium and , I am committed to providing you with clear, undeniable evidence of the afterlife, affirming that love and connections transcend the physical world.

In my journey, I’ve become a trusted beacon, illuminating hearts with undeniable evidence of the afterlife. Departed loved ones, spirit guides, and even cherished pets offer their presence, guiding us toward a deeper understanding of our true essence.

Transform your life through the wisdom of Evidential Mediumship and Psychic insights. Our departed loved ones are not gone; they simply shed their earthly forms, continuing their journey in a realm of boundless love and connection. Trust your intuition, your innate psychic gift bestowed upon you by the divine.

Let’s embark together on a transformative journey, where enlightenment and profound connections await. Embrace the reality of the afterlife, where love transcends all boundaries, and souls dance in eternal harmony.

Love & Light,
Britta Grubin

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Zaria JonesZaria Jones
22:10 27 Nov 23
My reading with Britta was amazing! I have gone years with questions and unresolved emotions. Britta answered questions I never asked and even validated a sign that I always see and was never sure if it was my loved one. Britta has a sweet spirit and she made me feel very relaxed the entire reading. Thank you thank you thank you!
Michelle ShlafmanMichelle Shlafman
02:17 23 Nov 23
Britta is beyond incredible. My reading was life changing. I had written down 3 questions to ask her. Without me even asking, the majority of all the reading was her answering those questions!!!! I was just in awe. This was the best reading I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to continue this journey with her. Thank you Britta. I so so so deeply appreciate you. ✨
Sharon WilliamsSharon Williams
13:07 19 Nov 23
I am overwhelmed with confirmation and guidance received from my loved ones and spirit guides provided to me thought Britta. There is no way she could have known those personal things about me and my life without knowledge from the specific people involved who had crossed over. She gave me specific years and ever told me my tag numbers.I am appreciative of the gift she possesses. I would recommend Britta for a real, true evidentiary reading.
Jalpa NaikJalpa Naik
21:06 10 Oct 23
Britta has an amazing gift. I have had a few readings with her and each one was so very special to us and helped in bringing us so much peace, validation and happiness. Thank you Britta for sharing your gift with us and helping so many find peace, comfort and closure.
Joe CaloggeroJoe Caloggero
11:40 10 Oct 23
I had an Amazing experience with Britta. She gave me a reading for my girl Snappy who passed away.She really touched on so many details that just made me feel like snappy was the one doing the talking. Britta described her personality perfectly. She also described how she had passed unexpectedly and how I had lots of downtime at work which was adding to my loneliness. Exactly right.May I remind you all I have submitted was a Photo of her at the dog park, her name, and weather she was living or not. Britta nailed so many personal feelings during our life it was crazy. She could not have guessed it.The spookiest one to me was where Britta said that she seems to enjoy hopping on rocks in the afterlife. That she can jump on any rock no matter what. I live on the water and every summer we'd put down the stairs and Snappy would be down those stairs so fast... She would play with our neighbors dogs on the rocks and it was like she was bred to navigate them. I've added a photo of her below 🙂
Gigi CardellaGigi Cardella
04:25 16 Sep 23
I contacted Britta about one of my pups who was having some real time health concerns. She was able to chat with my dog and give me some ideas on how to help my doggo. She validated (several times) information she was receiving. It was so neat and I am so grateful for her skills at being able to relay the information and allow me to interpret what she felt. I am more hopeful after talking to Britta that my dog will come out of this healthy and thriving even more than before. Thank you so much Britta

Transforming Lives Through Evidential Mediumship and Psychic Wisdom

These are all very much real occurrences to get our attention. When our loved ones die, their bodies die but their soul carries on to a far greater reality than this. Simply put, they are all around you but no longer wear a human suit like you. We are all psychic; it is that internal compass that we call intuition. Your intuition is a gift from the God source and should be listened to.

As a medium, I am able to connect you with your loved ones in a way that provides evidence that your loved ones are still very much all around you today and every day. Your loved ones share with me their personalities, physical attributes, shared memories, and your current life activities.

Your loved ones enjoy showing me what you have been doing recently. They do this to demonstrate that they are all around you all the time, surrounding you with love. It can be the simplest, every-day life occurrences but most people find that receiving evidence that their loved ones are present in their lives right now is an incredible feeling that will fill your heart with love.

The energetic connection can happen in the comfort of your own home. The energetic connection can happen in your own sacred space. It does not matter where you are in the world to connect with me. We can connect over the phone or on video. Your loved ones and spirit guides already know that our meeting is taking place and will show up whenever your appointment is.

Your Spiritual Experiences Await with Britta Grubin

Trust in Britta’s abilities and expertise
as a guiding light on your path to
healing and growth

Your Spiritual Experiences Await with Britta Grubin

Trust in Britta’s abilities and expertise
as a guiding light on your path to
healing and growth

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