What Is A Certified Medium? Why Choose a Certified Psychic?

In the quest for spiritual guidance and connection with deceased loved ones, the role of a psychic medium can be pivotal. However, in a world where spiritual practices are becoming increasingly mainstream, the importance of consulting a certified psychic medium cannot be overstated. Seeking a certified medium is not just a matter of preference, but a crucial step in ensuring a meaningful and authentic spiritual experience. In the thousands of clients I have connected with over the years, every so often I hear of a bad experience that could have been avoided had the client gone to a certified medium where evidence is provided throughout the mediumship reading.

Understanding Certification in Mediumship

Most mediums prior to their mediumship certification will undergo rigorous training and evaluation to hone their skills. This process is usually conducted by reputable medium teachers within the spiritual community that have an international presence worldwide. A certified psychic medium is not just someone with innate abilities but is someone who has dedicated time and effort to understand the ethics, techniques, and responsibilities that come with this unique gift.

There is no official governing body in any country that oversees psychic mediums in the same manner that a licensed nurse or therapist would have. However, there are more organizations who are noticing the need for the caliber on evidential mediumship to increase and putting guidelines in place to certify authenticity.

The Difference Between a Certified Course & a Certified Medium

There are many instructional courses on psychic mediumship that advertise themselves as being “certified”. These classes are likely issuing a certification of completion through their psychic mediumship program after the course in completed. A “Certified Psychic Medium” is very different as this is an individual who has gone under controlled testing to be certified for their authenticity and ability to connect to the deceased in the afterlife with verifiable evidence. These certified psychic mediums are typically scored in their testing.

The Assurance of Quality and Authenticity

One of the primary reasons to consult a certified medium is the assurance of authenticity. Certification acts as a “seal of approval” of sorts, indicating that the psychic medium has been assessed and deemed capable of providing accurate and ethical readings with evidence. Evidence is paramount to any psychic mediumship session.

This is especially important in a field where the intangible nature of mediumship can make it difficult for clients to gauge credibility and skill. Mark Ireland has an internationally reputable mediumship certification process that thoroughly tests mediums to ensure their authenticity in multiple controlled, double blind test readings. Mark Ireland is sanctioned by the Foundation For Mind-Being Research.These test readings are for highly qualified psychic mediums at a high caliber who are authentic and can provide a high level of evidence on your deceased loved one through their connection.

Organizations Who Test or Support Certified Mediums

There are a handful of organizations that are currently administering and/or maintaining a list of certified evidential psychic mediums. Mark Ireland’s Certified Mediums is the certification test that I went through to gain my certificate of authenticity as an evidential medium. Mark Ireland’s Certified Medium Program is currently accepting new applicants on a rolling basis.

certified mediums

Dr. Gary Schwarz from the University of Arizona heads the Laboratory for Advances In Consciousness & Health. Dr. Schwarz over the years has thoroughly tested mediums in a laboratory setting, including world renowned evidential medium Suzanne Giesemann.

The international organization, Helping Parents Heal offers a provider list of evidential mediums that have been certified before supporting their organization.

Windbridge Research Center has been a pioneer in early testing of mediums and subsequently certified a group of mediums in 2007. However, Windbridge no longer certifies mediums as their program is currently closed.

Deeper Understanding and Professional Training

Certified mediums often receive comprehensive training that goes beyond basic psychic abilities. They learn about various aspects of spiritual and psychic phenomena, communication and how to navigate complex emotional situations. This training ensures that the psychic mediums can provide more than just messages; they can offer insights, guidance, and support that is grounded in a deep understanding of spiritual practices with supporting evidence that is indisputable.

Avoiding Fraudulent Practitioners

Unfortunately, the spiritual field is not immune to individuals who may take advantage of those seeking help. By choosing a certified medium, clients significantly reduce the risk of encountering fraudulent practitioners. Certification acts as a filter, ensuring that the psychic medium has been vetted and has met specific standards of practice. There are valid and reputable psychic mediums that are not “Certified Mediums” as this is a fairly new phenomena in the last decade.
For many, consulting a psychic medium can be a deeply personal and sometimes daunting experience. Working with a certified medium can help build a sense of trust and comfort. Knowing that the psychic medium has undergone a thorough certification process can put clients at ease, allowing for a more open and fulfilling interaction.

Enhancing the Spiritual Experience

Ultimately, the goal of consulting a psychic medium is to gain spiritual insight and connection with deceased loved ones. Certified mediums, with their training, ethical standards, and accountability, are better equipped to facilitate a profound and meaningful experience. They can provide clarity, closure, and guidance, helping clients navigate their spiritual journey with confidence.
Consulting a certified medium is an essential step for anyone seeking genuine spiritual guidance. It ensures that you are engaging with a professional who is not only skilled but also ethical and accountable. This level of professionalism enhances the overall experience, making it more enriching and authentic. Whether you are seeking connection with the spirit world, guidance on your life path, or closure from past events, a certified medium can be your trusted ally in this deeply personal journey. Trusted Psychic Medium Britta Grubin is certified with Mark Ireland’s Certified Mediums Program and a certified provider for Helping Parents Heal Organization.


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