Soulful Beginnings - Part 1

Spark Your Soul

Are you looking for that spark to ignite your soul?
Is your soul nudging you to expand?
Are you searching for your spirit tribe?

Start Your Journey With
Soulful Beginnings Part 1

Soulful Beginnings is a transformative spiritual journey designed to help you embark on the profound exploration of your inner self. This enlightening course serves as a gateway to your spiritual odyssey, focusing on the essential foundations that ignite the flames of your inner being.

Part 1: Four classes – $150

Soulful Beginnings Part 1 - Registration Closed

Feb 18th, 20th, 25th, 27th
9am EST | 2pm London | 7pm IST

Know Yourself – Spiritually speaking how well do you really know yourself? Why is this important?
Soul Planning, Clairs & Chakras – Is everything really all planned out for us? How can we work with the clairs and chakras?
Spirit Guides – Amplify the relationship and better understand the role your guides play in your life journey.
Psychic & Intuition – Do you know the difference? Can you feel the difference? Why is it important to understand the difference?

How Does Britta’s Guidance Unlock Your Inner Universe?

Streamlined Enlightenment: Offering professional, well-structured classes that guide you through a logical journey of spiritual discovery.

Compassionate Self-Discovery: Britta challenges and supports you in deepening self-knowledge in a nurturing environment.

Demystifying the Divine: Expertise in simplifying and explaining complex spiritual concepts.

Certified Evidential Medium: Proven skills in providing tangible, verifiable connections with the spirit world.

Decade of Spiritual Insights: A rich, decade-long experience as a medium, imbued with profound insights.

Spirit-Informed Wisdom: Unique perspectives on the afterlife and spiritual existence from thousands of spiritual interactions.

Holistic Approach: Integrating various spiritual modalities for a comprehensive growth experience.

Transformative Techniques: Teaching practical methods for applying spiritual principles to everyday life, fostering lasting transformation.

What Students Are Saying

Britta, I can’t thank you enough for the amazing class. It has been so interesting and captivating, and you just made it all the more special. It’s been a great experience. It’s more than the information you deliver. It’s you. It’s your essence. It’s how you deliver it. It’s just who you are that just makes it even more special. You are incredible and you have brightened my life and I’m sure many others. And I am eternally grateful to you for it.
– Susan
Through all the lessons she gave us, I felt nothing but the feeling that it makes so much sense and that all the different pieces of knowledge have finally come together. I would honestly recommend Britta’s approach to the angelic knowledge as I think this is also something that will help anyone cope better with everyday life, regardless of if it’s someone struggling with grief or someone just wanting to understand why on earth are we here.
– Ines
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