Ready to Walk Your Pet’s Afterlife Journey?

Medium and Animal Communicator Britta Grubin can help you see and feel with vivid clarity what your pet is doing in the afterlife. The evidence from the pet communication continues to blow the minds of their pet owners.
  • Wishing for One Last Heartfelt Exchange?
  • Curious About Your Pet’s Afterlife Adventures?
  • Wondering If Your Pet Is Watching Over You?
  • Need to Know Your Pet’s Spirit Is At Peace?
  • Looking for Guidance from Your Pet’s Wisdom?
Transform Your Relationship with Your Pet through Britta’s Pet Psychic Mediumship Animal Communication.

Why Britta’s Deceased Animal Communication Ability is a Cut Above the Rest:

  1. Extraordinary Reading Experience: Each session is tailored, profound, and deeply personal.
  2. Direct Afterlife Communication: 15-20 minute stream of consciousness directly from your pet in afterlife.
  3. Evidential Session: Every pet is different, no two sessions are alike.
  4. Simple Process: Provide only a photograph of the deceased pet and an intake form.
  5. Authentic Insight: Pure, spirit-driven communication for genuine understanding.
  6. Recorded Sessions: Conveniently delivered via email for easy access and reflection.

Discover Unparalleled Insights with Britta’s Pet Psychic Mediumship Animal Communication Services

Experience a transformative connection with your pet in the afterlife through Britta’s exceptional animal communication services. Britta’s approach is unique, offering a depth of understanding and connection that stands out in the realm of animal communicators.


Choose Britta for a Heartfelt Reunion with Your Pet: Britta’s Pet Psychic Mediumship offers something beyond the ordinary – a chance to feel close to your pet once more, understand their afterlife journey, and gain peace of mind. Her specialized gift provides comfort, closure, and a beautiful sense of continuity different from other pet psychic animal communicators.


Certified and Evidential Mediumship: Britta has undergone rigorous certification to validate her extraordinary abilities. Her sessions don’t just connect you with your pet; they provide evidential proof of her genuine connection with the spirit world.


Book Your Session Today: Embrace this opportunity to hear from your beloved pet again and gain peace of mind knowing they are safe and content. Book a session with Britta and experience a connection that transcends the physical world.

How is it possible to connect to my deceased pet?

Imagine growing up in a world where you were taught from a very young age that the ability to connect to a pet after they die is simply raising your vibration and connecting to the higher frequency that your pet now lives in. We are all frequency. Every object you have, every sound you listen to, every piece of food you eat resonates a frequency. Even our beloved pet resonates a frequency.


When the body of our pet animal dies, their energy is still there, however it is no longer shown in that body of the pet. This is where the human in us thinks that the connection to our pet has now stopped. What happens when you are watching tv and the tv goes out? Does this mean that the tv frequency stopped? Quite the opposite, the tv frequency is still there and all that is needed is a new tv set to plug in and the shows will continue to play. We all know that when a living body gives out, there is no replacement.


Britta believes that everyone can connect to their pets, living or deceased. It can be more difficult when we are in a state of grief after losing a pet. This is where the strong ability that Britta has to raise the vibration and make that connection to your pet is done.

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