Pet Psychic Communicator for Dogs and Other Animals

Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking or feeling? Animal communicators, also known as pet psychics, are gifted individuals who possess the unique ability to communicate with animals on a deeper level. They help pet owners better understand their furry companions, fostering stronger bonds and addressing any behavioral or emotional concerns.

Animal communicators work by tapping into the energetic connection between humans and animals, using their intuition and psychic abilities to receive messages from pets. These messages may come in the form of images, feelings, or even words, which the animal communicator then interprets and conveys to the pet owner. This form of communication goes beyond mere body language or vocalizations, delving into the realm of emotions, thoughts, and even past experiences of the animal.

Some common issues that animal communicators address include behavioral problems, emotional trauma, or physical ailments. By connecting with the animal’s energy and receiving insights into their feelings and experiences, the communicator can help pet owners make informed decisions about their pet’s well-being, including addressing any underlying emotional or psychological factors contributing to the problem.

Skeptics may question the validity of animal communication, but countless pet owners swear by its effectiveness in resolving issues and deepening their connection with their pets. As you explore the world of animal communication and pet psychics, you may discover a newfound appreciation for the complex emotional lives of our animal companions and the incredible bond that exists between humans and their pets.

Medium Britta's Experience

Britta has been around animals since early childhood. She was raised in the beautiful Arizona desert alongside horses, goats, chickens, cows, dogs and cats. She has always had a love for animals and a compassionate heart.

As an evidential medium, Britta has come to better understand animals intuitively. They love to share with her what is on their mind, what might be bothering them, and what makes them happiest. Britta also connects to pets that have crossed over and many of them share what they are doing in the afterlife.

Animals are some of our greatest teachers as we navigate this earthly experience. Your pet chose you to be their parent. We may think that we chose our pets, however, there is a guiding force that helps align us with our future fur babies.

How Britta's Animal Communication Works:


Every mediumship reading is different because every medium is different. The spirit world uses many of the memories and experiences that I have had in my lifetime to communicate with you. As an evidential medium your loved ones show evidence to demonstrate how they are all around you. Every medium receives their information differently from the spirit world and the interpretation of that information is what makes every reading unique.
It’s been well documented that evidential mediumship readings can be highly therapeutic and healing for someone who is grieving. On the other hand, poor-quality or fraudulent readings with lesser mediums can hinder and damage the healing process for the bereaved. While certification is not necessary to be a medium, working with a certified medium can give you peace of mind that you are in good hands with a medium who is of high-caliber, and capable of communicating specific, accurate, and pertinent information to sitters. As a certified medium, I have gone through a rigorous process of many double-blind readings to validate that the connection I have is real and authentic. My certification comes from the Certified Mediums Program by Mark Ireland. This particular program requires mediums to “conduct at least five blinded test readings for five different sitters unbeknownst to them, with passing results. To earn certification mediums were required to score at least 60 of a possible 100 points, with scoring tabulation based on overall accuracy with bonus points awarded for unique, specific and pertinent hits.” While mediumship is not an exact practice and there is never a 100% guarantee, the chances of a healing and accurate reading increase greatly when working with a certified medium.
I do not need to use any tools to communicate with the spirit world. Whether your reading is psychic or mediumship, no tools are needed with me.
My soul blends with the soul of your loved one. In that blending I feel, see, hear and know things about your loved one’s personality and life that they wish to share. You will see that I am only using my mind. I sometimes will close my eyes to experience quietness in my mind while connecting with your loved one.
Most often, yes. But the spirit world has the right to decide whether and when to connect with us. In my work as a medium, I once connected a religiously conservative deceased pastor with his niece. This man, who lived his life devoted to his church and its teachings, did not approve of or believe in mediumship while alive, yet he was delighted to have an opportunity to connect with his niece after his death. When we cross over to the spirit world, we come to see a bigger picture. We understand that the belief system we had in our human life was simply a set of principles by which we lived our lives. In the Greater Reality of heaven, the spirit most often finds that their consciousness has expanded to encompass all possibilities and belief systems while on earth have now been set to the side.
There is no hard rule regarding how much time should elapse before a person in spirit can communicate with loved ones left behind. I have experienced connections with those in spirit within a matter of hours after their passing all the way up to fifty years after death. It’s a very hard concept for us to grasp, but there is no time in the spirit world. What is important for us to know is that those on the other side do not perceive time as we do, so there is no impatience or anxiety over when we’re going to make a connection with them. A week is the same as ten years for those in spirit. For us, though, time makes a significant difference. Grief is something which naturally lowers our vibration, the energy signal we carry into the world. With a lower vibration, it’s more difficult to connect with the spirit world. It’s best, therefore, to wait a few months after a loss before trying to make a connection with loved ones who have passed. Allowing sufficient time after loss for some healing to occur can make a good connection much more likely. Your energy and positive vibrational field are equally helpful to a strong connection!
Yes! When we transition to the Greater Reality, we shed that “human suit” which was so constricting at times in life. We are made completely whole again and we are freed of any pain we may have experienced on Earth. I have connected with young children who had not learned to speak before they crossed over, yet in the mediumship reading, they communicated with me quite clearly and without hesitation! Even if your loved one did not speak English, they have a way to communicate with me in a higher vibrational thought frequency that allows me to understand them and share their messages. And trust me, they want to connect with you and share their love for you!
Most often, when we set the intention to hear from our loved ones, they will come forward. Sometimes an unexpected soul may come forward first. Because part of my mission is to serve spirit, I know that there is a reason this happens. Sometimes those in spirit have a need to make an apology to loved ones left behind, while at other times, an older relative may step in first in order to make a strong connection, then I will hear them say “I have your child,” thus bringing in the younger one and assisting in making the reading a success. Those in spirit are incredibly smart and they know exactly what you need and who you need to hear from.
In a psychic reading the medium will blend their soul with your soul. They will read your auric field and share with you anything that you need to know about your current life happenings and any future potentials. In a mediumship reading the medium will blend their soul with the soul in spirit that has crossed over and connect you with your loved ones for heartfelt messages and love.

Animal Communication

What kind of animals do you connect with?

Dogs, cats and horses are the more popular fur babies but Britta has also connected with birds and bunnies too.

Do I need to do anything to prepare my pet for a reading with you?

Nothing is necessary but it is helpful if you tell your pet that they will be meeting Britta soon and she is there to help them and relay information that they want shared.

Do you fix behavioral issues?

Britta will share everything that your pet shares with her. If your pet shows her why they are barking at the door, she will share that with you.

How will I know if my pet is really connecting with Britta?

Your heart and soul will know that a connection is made. Your mind will hear the evidence your pet shares in the audio recording.

Where does my pet go when they die?

Your beautiful pet is in heaven or the afterlife as some call it. They will continue their souls journey of growth alongside other pet friends and human friends alike, both in the physical plane (Earth) and in the non-physical (Heaven).

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